Our Motto


"Be a Leader. Be a Friend. Be of Service."


Each Brother of our Fraternity strives to embody our three Cardinal Principles: Leadership, Friendship, and Service.



Leadership is an important trait that we practice and cultivate during our

time in this Fraternity. 


A great leader makes a positive impact

in the lives of those that he/she touches. A leader motivates his/her team members to succeed.

Alpha Phi Omega helps each of our Brothers find the true leader within themselves so that we are able to channel everything we've learned

both inside and outside of our


Friendship is a cardinal principle that each of our Brothers holds dear to their hearts. The friends we've made through Alpha Phi Omega will leave an
impact on us all. 
Brotherhood is the spirit of friendship. It teaches us respect, honesty, reliability, and loyalty. Friendship means that we recognize and respect our diferences, learn from each other, and put each others' needs above our own. Friendship encourages us to work closely with those who we initially may not think we'd choose as friends.


Service is what drives us to be better leaders and friends to those within our communities. By performing service towards each other, we can learn more about the world around us.


There are many types of organizations and communities that we serve in Alpha Phi Omega, such as Glide Memorial, Nike Women's Marathon, and the SF Aids Foundation. 

Service is at our core,

and by doing service, we strengthen our chapter, campus, community, and country.