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NUsletter Fall 2015 Volume VII, Issue 1

Revealing is one of Alpha Phi Omega's most important and arguably most fun event! It is a time where pledges are paired up with Brothers from the fraternity to get a little extra help and confidence during the pledging process. With the Chapter's notion of having no expectations, it is still exciting and nervewracking to find out who your bigs or littles is. After revealing, the relationship between bigs and littles grow, stregthening the bond between the two. No matter what kind of relationship brothers have with their bigs/littles, in the end of the day, brothers can rely on both bigs or littles. This NUsletter was created to capture the different types of relationships of brothers and pledges in the fraternity. 

I remember from my reveal that I knew who I had gotten, so when we had to walk up to our Bigs, I knew exactly who was mine. MATT <3 He was just really welcoming and super happy and just had really good vibes in general. My family was really loud and outgoing and since I did not really know them at the time I was overwhelmed and shy whenever I was around them. But now its a different story since I am just as loud as they are now since we are all so close. When I first got my Bigs I was a felt that we clicked very well with each other and I was really happy with our pairing. We have similar personalities and we get along great. Our relationship has grown a lot. I am really happy to say that he is one of my bestest friends and I am very thankful that I met him and got to have him as my Bigs. I would like for my Bigs Matt to know that I love him so much and I am really thankful for everything he has done for me when I was pledging to now, because he spoiled me. Matt has always supported me throughout everything, not just in Aphio, but in my school, work and personal life. He is the absolute best. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BIGS! 

Prompt 1 (For pairs that have picked up this semester):

How was Revealing? Were you able to guess who your bigs/littles was? How has your relationship grown already in the first few weeks? One thing you would like your littles/bigs to know?


Prompt 2 (for brothers who didn’t pick up this semester):

What do you remember about your revealing? How has your relationship grown from reveal till now with your bigs or littles? One thing you would like your littles/bigs to know?


- Samantha Cheung,

  EH Spring 2015

Prompt 2

Note: Jason(left) and his bigs, Neo(right) at EH's Revealing.  

Prompt 2

Note: Samantha(left) and her bigs, Matt(right) at EH's Revealing.  

"As I reflect back to Revealing, my Pbros, Psis and I did the string activities and formal candle lighting. Afterward, I soon discover that Neo Kim was my Bigs to my surprise *sort of. I met the most of my Bigs’ family line up to my G4 and they treated me out at Sake San. When I got Neo as a Big, I was unaware that he was there to guide me till I crossover; “Bigs/Lils” were just words to me at that time. Getting close to my family line and Bigs is such a rewarding and fulfilling experiences. Having my Bigs to bond with week after week was a great opportunity for me to explore Land’s Ends and restaurants I never been to such as Super Duper, Kevin’s, Volcano Curry, Bigs’ apartment, and yeah. Though my Bigs is currently busy as Admin VP, working at Macys and attending classes to graduate in Fall 2016, I want him to know that he did an incredible job not as a Big or a super pledge but as a true Brother of Alpha Phi Omega and that I am lucky and grateful to get paired up with him. I appreciate how caring he is, how polite he is, how nice he is, and how entertain he is to those around him. I could not wait for him to get a Lils hopefully next semester so we could pick up together. Good luck with the rest of the year as Admin VP and to continue to make Tiffany Lau and everyone else proud through sending out biweekly emails. The whole chapter lies in your hands. Continue to make everyone you care about proud of who you are and what you do more than just as an Admin VP and a Brother of Al Phi O! You can do it and we believe."


- Jason Jeong, EH Spring 2015

I remember a lot about my revealing! At this time, the pleding process was only single blind, where the bigs knew who they were receiving. I mean techniqally i guess my littles found out who I was because my clues were pretty obvious, but he still had not clue it was me until someone told him. I was pretty excited to see him, and honeslty I didn't expect to get him as a littles. However, I am glad that I have got such a caring and loving individual in my family line today. I found out a lot of stuff about my littles for example how much he likes to work out or the dedication and time he puts into school. I honestly haven't had a lot of time to hang out with him, but I know that we are always there for each other when we need it most. I am really proud of how much he as grown during the process and after the process and can't wait to see what the future has in store for him. One thing for you to know littles: Continue to speak what is on your mind, and you are seriously one of the most sincere and caring people I know. Keep at it. 

- Neo Kim, KHK Fall 2014

Prompt 1

I invited my grands and my bigs, but they were late to it. We were waiting for my bigs, and we got pushed back to the last matchup. However, she came the last minute and we were ready to go. However, My box wouldn’t open, and I tried pushing it; I was stuck. It took me 7 seconds to actually get out and surprise him.

I was kind of expecting Jonathan, but technically I had no definite idea who my littles was. However, I didn’t care. I just joked around with people pretending that I knew who it was and it was fun.

I learned early on that my littles is really independent and on top of his stuff. He is taking care all of his requirements by himself. I asked if he needs help with service, interviews, etc, but he is already set.

One word of advice: If you help other people in your pledge class, your pledge class will help you out. It is a give and take between your pledge class and you. Just know that if you give yourself to them, they will give you their energy/help to  finish the pledging process.

- Anthony Manalo, EH Spring 2015

Note: Alan(right) and Jacob(left) at PMP's revealing.

For me revealing was nerve wreaking. I wasn’t able to go to speed dating so I didn’t even know who was picking up. I knew of some brothers who were picking up but I didn’t really know them at all. The clues I got didn’t help because obviously I didn’t go to the speed dating so I wouldn’t have known any of the clues. I was just praying that the pledge team knew me well enough. So I was not able to guess my big until the day of the revealing. Thankfully I already knew Jacob from the gym, somewhat. I see Jacob really as a mentor and a role model. He has given me a lot of advice in regards to life in general as well as advice for the gym. When I decide to pick up I definitely want to strive to be more like him. Something that I would like my big to know is that I appreciate all the things he does for me, no matter how big or small it is. I know that he didn’t have to pick up this year but he still did and I know that he’s investing a lot of time into it and I appreciate that.

Prompt 1

- Alan Feng, PMP Pledge

Prompt 1

Reveal was probably one of the most hyped moments of my life. Everything happened so quickly and everyone was screaming and then it was over and we went out for dinner! Going into reveal, I thought I had an idea of who my bigs was going to be but I was honestly pleasantly surprised when I got Chris, someone who was neither of the possible bigs I had in mind. It was so cute when he popped out of the box he screamed for about 10 years; the entire moment was just crazy!! Afterwards, we had a bit of time to calm down and get acquainted while waiting for pictures which was nice so I could actually process what had just happened. For family line dinner we went to Kitaro and got to know each other a little bit. I have to admit, I had no idea who was who and definitely had no idea what the heck a G3 was. Overall, reveal was super fun and wind royalty/abg fam is life! Now that it's week 4, I can proudly say that I have the best bigs everrrr. He's honestly so sweet and always fun to be around. Every time we hang out, we're always laughing and when we randomly run into each other, it brightens my day (-: We got to know each other and bond over a bunch of stuff like music, tv shows, and childhood memories. We always joke about how it was fate that we were put together but forreal, it was seriously fate and I can't imagine being paired up with anyone else <3 One thing I'd like my bigs to know is that I'm going to bust my butt so I can cross over and make him proud! Also, \m/ zot zot \m/ 

Note: Vannessa(right) and Chris(left) participating in Breast Cancer Awareness Night

Reveal was definitely a huge surprise for me. I had absolutely no idea who I was getting as a Lils until I popped out of that box and saw Vanessa in front of me. Although it was frustrating knowing that a lot of the other Bigs had already figured out who they had, I’m actually really happy that I had no clue. There was no way for me to prepare for how to react, but I attempted to by telling myself that I would be happy with whoever I got and that I would support them to my fullest extent, even after the pledging process. Although it took some time to get comfortable with her, I’m amazed (even shocked) at how quickly we got close. We’re not even on our third Bigs/Lils bonding yet, but we talk every day and we send each other ugly af snapchats frequently. I was nervous that I’d be too crazy or weird for her, but I’ve realized that I don’t really have to worry about that anymore. She’s so weird. I love it. One thing that I want my Lils to know is that I am already so proud of her. Her above-perfect quiz scores, her ability to balance school and ΑΦΩ, her efforts in hanging out with our family line, and her willingness to be herself around me make me extremely happy to be her Bigs. Each day I get to hang out with her is a day I look forward to, even if it means that both of us are in a room sitting there focused on our studies. I appreciate having her in my life so much and to be honest, I feel like she’s legit my little sister. Love you, Lil Shit.  ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘

Prompt 1

- Chris Vasques, SB Spring 2014

- Vanessa Chan, PMP Pledge

Note: Keanna(right) and her bigs, Keith(left) at KHK's Revealing.  

Prompt 2

- Keanna Lee,  KHK Fall 2014

I remember I got dunked on by a whole bunch of guys. I was like what the: I also remembered we got blindfolded. I love my bigs! <3 It’s good, we are chill, we are bros. Even though he has graduated we are still chill. He still comes to the city to hang out with fam and we go to Cajun House. To my bigs: He’s awesome, and I look up to him, literally. Thank you for anythingyou rock!  Fun Fact: My bigs thought I was Korean for the longest time. Another fun fact: He gave me a pumpkin for midpoint, and I had it for 2 months. It was a pretty big pumpkin. I appreciate every moments, especially because even though he was busy, he was always there for me, even at the moments when I didn’t think I needed it. TY Bigs! 


Note: Anelise(right) and her bigs, Christian(left) at PMP's Revealing.  

Prompt 1

- Anelise Teodoro, PMP Pledge 

I was so excited for reveal in the days leading up to it that I couldn’t focus well in class. Revealing was so nerve wracking, exciting, and emotional! Revealing made me feel so special and loved and I enjoyed every second of it.The hints from my bigs that got sent to me from pledge team kept me guessing who my bigs was. However, one hint was “Wanna make a cover?” and I automatically remembered in speed dating a guy named Christian Caddali being really into singing and dancing like me! However, I still was unsure and decided to stop guessing and just wait until revealing to really find out who my bigs was. Turns out, Christian was my bigs! He made such a cute poster saying “LIL’S WHAT’S GOOD?” and gave me a little book to record everything starting from speed dating to the adventures we’ll have together in the future. He also made a video of our family line which was so amazing. I was so overwhelmed by all of it I wanted to cry! I feel that our relationship has definitely grown in the first few weeks. I can definitely see why I got placed in his family line which is known for being “musically-inclined”. I also found out in the first few weeks that we have a lot in common like our love for singing in the shower and scary movies. One thing I’d like to let my bigs know is that I can’t thank him enough for being so supportive of me and doing his best to be there for me during the pledging process! Even with our busy schedules, we still manage to catch up and hang out. I’m so excited to get to know you better and to start making covers and watching scary movies together! Bigs, you’re the best!!! <3


Prompt 1

Revealing was such an awesome experience. I liked the concept behind thescavenger hunt and how my bigs came out of a box! My bigs, Sammi came out of the box with balloons and a gift and it was so sweet and I was so surprised. Although I was surprised by physical part of the reveal, I already knew who my bigs was before reveal even started. I knew this because the there was one clue she gave where I instantly knew it was Sammi. She gave a hint where she said she liked coffee shops and when we were talking during speed dating she told me about ones with cats in them.

For the past few weeks, our relationship has grown a lot surprisingly. We hang out every week and even though they are required, we get along super well. We’ve also started venting 

to each other and I honestly didn’t think I could actually talk to my bigs about my problems already after just a few weeks of knowing her. Especially since Pteam always told us : NO EXPECTATIONS! Ever since they told us that role, I try not to expect so much out of Sammi, but honestly Sammi is such a great bigs that I don’t really ask for anything other than that! One thing I would like for my bigs to know is that I might seem closed  and I may be awkward but if you are patient I’m actually a really fun and nice person to be with . You’re such a great bigs already and getting you as my bigs was one of the only few good, nonstressful, and fun things throughout this excruciating pledging process. You’re one of the main reasons I still stay in this thing… (:

- Arielle Teodoro, PMP Pledge

Note: Arielle(left) and her bigs, Sammi(right) at PMP's Revealing.  

Congratulations to all Bigs and Littles!

What do you remember about your revealing? 

  • Vanni  - I remember being kinda' traumatized because they were covered in gift wrap, but she was wrapped in a weird way (like ... KKK) and they were also in the corner, which was kind of freaky. But I guess, I was happy that I got her because we both liked Vampire Diaries, so we kinda' screamed when we got each other.

  • Natalie - I remember Vanni took a snapchat while we were in line to take a picture because we didn't know what to talk about, like "omg this is so exciting" and we just kept on saying that over and over again. Okay, I'll be cute I guess, well I remember, I was looking under the wrapping paper because I literally couldn't breathe, and I had a feeling it was Vanni, and I was like what if it's not her, but I d k what kinda shoes she has, and when she opened me up and I saw her I was like cool, it's Vanni, nice. 


How has your relationship grown from revealing till now? 

  • Vanni - We used to be cute, like I remember whenever she sees me she used to scream and hug me (gross), but I'm glad we got passed that because now we're just too close to even want to like ... hug each other (we live in one roof, share the same fridge, same bathroom, and we also bought a TV together) ... All jokes aside, I guess ... I can tell her anything which is nice I guess, she's pretty nice about it too, even though I tell her the most weirdest stuff sometimes (we're not affectionate people, so this kinda' means a lot). To make things clear, I'm glad that we got passed the affectionate part of our relationship, because now it's all real. 

  • Natalie - I used to be really obssessed with Vanni, now I'm not that obsessed, yeah *insert laugh*, *insert more laugh*, give me like 2 seconds, shit I forgot, this is really hard for me, I'm obviously not an affectionate person, I don't really know, we're just super awkward, before we weren't awkward, now were awkward with each other, we saw each other's true colors, now we sit in each other room, which is nice, this is hard yours is more affectionate than mines, got nothing but love and respect *peace sign*, she cool she cool. How about okay, this is going to be cheesy, it turns obsession to love, EWWW, this is gross, this is gross, can you put that too, so they know that I'm not serious... Do you want some cereal? Maybe put that too, that we share food. 


One thing you want your littles/bigs to know? 

  • Vanni - We should book our East Coast/Canada/Portland ticket soon, dude. 

  • Natalie - Same 










Prompt 2

Before Revealing, I was about to depledge for Alpha Phi Omega. I was thinking about it

the whole week. From Thursday to Friday, I had a lot of interventions. I was 90% sure I 

was going to depledge. I even talked to p-mom/p-master about it. Probably one hour 

before revealing, I decided to keep with the fraternity because I really liked the brothers I 

have met, and I did not want to regret depledging. So coming into Revealing, I was kind 

of nervous, excited, and was trying to settle in my emotions. I was not able to guess my 

Big. Her clues were terrible; they weren’t clues at all. That night my family line, literally 

a straight line of family members, took me out for ramen. It was delicious, and I love my 

family so much. I am very happy with my Bigs and family. After the first few weeks, my 

Big and I have hungout a few times because we are both really busy. I love my Big 

though because Kim is just so kind, generous, funny, straight up cool, and real. I got 

lucky with my Big. One thing I would like my Big to know is that I can’t wait to cross 

over and to continue the family line









- Skylar Fenton, PMP Pledge

Prompt 1

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