The Founding of Alpha Phi Omega- Frank Reed Horton


Alpha Phi Omega is a co-ed service fraternity founded on December 16, 1925 at Lafayette College. Our Founder, Frank Reed Horton, served in the NAVY during World War I. Through the hardships of battle, he declared that if he survived, he would try to positively change the lives of young men and try to make the world a more peaceful and rational place. 


Since its founding, Alpha Phi Omega has over 367 active chapters with over 25,000 students. It also has spread nation wide, expanding to Canada, Australia, and the Philipines, and soon enough came to our school, University of San Francisco. 




The Founding of our Chapter, Alpha Epsilon Nu


Alpha Phi Omega’s Alpha Epsilon Nu Chapter at the University of San Francisco was officially established in the Spring semester of 2001. Marcy Ronan, one of our founding fathers, had many friends from San Francisco State University’s Mu Zeta Chapter including her brother that encouraged her to start a chapter at the University of San Francisco. Marcy, along with eleven others (Abigail Eugenio, Anna Crisostomo, Erica Hooper, Fatima Sheikh, Jennifer Escober, Kristyann Estaban, Lindsay Notario, Michelle Kadotani, Melissa Lim, Soury Boualuang, and Uyenchi Ho), began chartering in the Spring of 2000, and with the help of their advisors—Angie Karino and Scott Heinecke—and the members of the Mu Zeta Chapter, Alpha Epsilon Nu solidified.

After much effort by Lawson Wong, the pledge master and trainer for the first class, and many other members of Mu Zeta, the first pledge class of AEN, along with the pledge class of Mu Zeta crossed over at Cathedral Hill Hotel in May of 2001. Today, AEN has successfully crossed over a total of thirty pledge classes, totaling over 400 members.